Sunday, May 27, 2018

Upcoming show at the MVTM

I am thrilled to have contracted with the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum for a 3-woman show, beginning in January 2019. The MVTM is in Almonte, Ontario, just west of Ottawa, and they have asked me to prepare twenty of my cityscapes for display.

The other artist-participants are Anna Torma and Anne Kelly.

Party with Dionysus, Anna Torma

I have seen Torma's work in Montreal twice, and blogged about both of the shows. First, I saw her joint exhibition with her son, in 2015, at Espace Robert Poulin. More recently,  her work was shown at 1700 La Poste, with that of two other artists. Torma lives in New Brunswick and has been the recipient of many residencies and awards.

Home, Anne Kelly

Anne Kelly is a British artist whose work is less familiar to me. Like Torma's, it is heavily worked and brightly coloured, often incorporating found materials. She has exhibited widely and has authored three books.

Port Clyde #3, Heather Dubreuil, 2016

I expect to make a few new cityscapes for the show, and will post progress reports, probably in the fall.

Here's what I wrote about a visit to Almonte in 2012:

Though I have visited the MVTM before, I haven't ever taken the time to explore the town of Almonte. In the 1800's it was one of the major wool milling centres in Canada, with several mills powered by the Mississippi River that runs through the middle of town. A Riverwalk allows visitors to see the falls up close.

The main street has several good restaurants, including the Mill Street Crepe Company, which was very busy at lunch. The old-fashioned street is lined with antique shops, a vintage clothing store, a bookstore, a yarn shop, a quilting store, and several cute gift shops.

The old town hall is one of many interesting buildings in this charming little town. Look for a mix of stone and red brick, and for patterned tiles on the roofs.
Though not the bustling industrial centre of its glory days, it is apparent that efforts have been made to make Almonte attractive to day-trippers. A visit to the textile museum and a browse along Mill Street would make for a delightful experience of small-town Ontario.

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