Monday, March 19, 2012


... is a really useful tool that can be downloaded for free. It enlarges any of your images to the desired size, and then allows you to print it out on your desktop printer, using multiple sheets of paper. You can then reassemble the papers with scissors and tape into a "poster". I find it useful for my 12 by the dozen challenges, because often I want to work with a 12" square image, and I've also used it to make images of, say, 20" x 24". I'm using it today to evaluate a couple of my photos taken in Old Montreal this weekend.

Because my printer won't print to the borders, I have to add 1" for every sheet of paper used. If I want a final result to be 12" wide, I specify 14" instead. A little trial and error may be needed depending on your printer.

The software is available at

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