Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guy Glorieux at the McCord

Image - Sténopé de Guy Glorieux

This amazing image is one of eighteen large black-and-white photographs, some up to five metres in length, taken with a pinhole camera. The artist is Guy Glorieux, and the subject is Montreal.

For some years I have been intrigued with cityscapes, the interlocking shapes, the grid of the windows, the variety of structures and styles. My current series explores these elements. This show at the McCord Museum, continuing to May 27, was a must-see for me.

The images produced are "negatives"; the subject has been "flipped horizontal" by the process. The photos are taken in the daytime, and the exposure is three or four hours in duration. Because of this long exposure time, people moving in and out of the subject area do not leave their trace on the image. The result is like a ghost city, with the buildings almost "radioactive", and all the inhabitants gone. The strong contrast in value gives definition to line and shape.

More information about the show can be found at


michele said...

What a great find for you Heather!
Amazing stuff!

Dianne Robinson said...

It looks like a really good exhibit. We got to look through a pinhole camera in Greenich. Amazing how much can be seen!