Sunday, August 12, 2012

Drawing on cloth

Had a wonderful few days with my text'art group. We got together at Dianne's cottage on Lake Memphremagog with the idea of enjoying each other's company, and exploring some new techniques and ideas.

For some time, we have wanted to experiment with Kerr Grabowsi's approach to drawing on fabric with water-soluble media. You can see a couple of my results below.
This first image shows what happened when I drew on cloth with water-soluble crayons called Aqua Briques. A layer of "extender" is then silk-screened onto the surface to make the design washable, without making the cloth stiff. 
The second image shows what happened when I drew directly onto the silkscreen with the Aqua Briques and then transferred the pigment to the cloth by applying extender through the silkscreen. On the left is the first transfer, and on the right is the "ghost" made by doing it a second time, when less pigment remains on the screen. Often the ghost print is more interesting.

After heat-setting the result with a hot iron, the material is ready to be incorporated into a new project.

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