Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Michele Meredith

My friend Michele Meredith will be participating with me in the upcoming Hudson StudioTour. Michele is a member of the local groupText’art, of the Hudson Artists, of the international group SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates), of  Ottawa's Out-of-the-Box Fibre Artists and of the international blogging group 12bythedozen.

Michele is shown here, working in her garden. Behind her are some hand-dyed silk squares she plans to incorporate into future projects. Michele’s art background includes ceramics and landscape design. She currently works with both fibre and collage, often incorporating both in a single piece.

Michele often works with images taken from her own photos, whether of open fields or of a bustling street scene. She has developed a technique of transfering ink from photocopied images to tissue paper, which she then collages onto canvas.
In the photo above, she has layered a piece of white tissue paper over a black-and-white photocopy.
She then applies acetone to the tissue and quickly lifts the paper off the photocopy.
The ink transfers to the tissue, which can then be collaged into a composition.
Colour photocopies sometimes yield unpredictable results.

 Michele plays with the composition until she is pleased, and then collages the tissue to canvas. Paint, text and cloth can be layered in at any time to balance the elements, or to add colour or textural interest. The photocopy that provided the original image may also be incorporated into the collage.
Red Scarf
 Michele will be showing some of her recent pieces on the Hudson Studio Tour, September 29 and 30, and at the Hudson Artists fall show, October 19 - 21.
Spring Dreamers II

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