Saturday, February 16, 2013

view from Montreal Hilton

Yesterday I made a stop at the upper-level lobby of the Bonaventure Hilton, looking for a unique perspective on the Montreal skyline. What I found was this view of the back of the Mary Queen of the World cathedral.

I was first alerted to this cityscape by Shari Blaukopf, an art teacher and daily blogger. A member of the international group (movement?) Urban Sketchers, Shari has made it her mission to post a new sketch or watercolour every day. I follow her blog, and I am endlessly impressed by her composition, use of colour, and technical finesse, as well as her persistence in meeting her goals. She often sketches from her car on her way to work, or grabs an opportunity to do a figure drawing in a lounge or shop, or just looks in her pantry for new subject matter.

I need to find a tall, narrow subject for a particular project. Perhaps with a little cropping this image will prove to be the right one.

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