Sunday, March 17, 2013

Memento Mori

Michele and I made a good decision last November: we traveled to Toronto and Oakville to see the World of Threads show and were blown away by its scope, its variety and its excellence.

Of the many shows under the umbrella organization, my favourite was Memento mori curated by Gareth Bate, a Common Thread International Exhibition, held at the Sheridan Institute in Oakville.

"A memento mori is a reminder of the inevitability of death, historically a popular genre in art. The Memento mori exhibition dealt with themes of death, mortality, grief and the quest for immortality, creating an underworld environment. The show developed out of a call for submissions called "Fibre Inspired" which was based on a trend Festival Curator Gareth Bate had observed in contemporary art, towards creating work using the techniques and aesthetic of fibre, but using non-fibre materials."

An on-line album of images  of the show is now available. 

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