Friday, April 26, 2013

New Mexico: Unfolding

Holly Hughes, Buffalo,
cloth, magnetic tape, film, paintbrushes, wire

Began Wednesday with a visit to the State Capitol Building here in Santa Fe. It's a circular floor plan, with a labyrinthine system of hallways. These passages are lined with a wonderful collection of art, some 400 pieces in various media, all with something to say about New Mexico. I love to see government investing in cultural life.

In the same building is a large gallery, where SAQA has staged a show of fibre art, "New Mexico: Unfolding", April 12 - August 16. Here are photos of some of the fifty-two art quilts.

Julie R. Filatoff, Local Color: New Mexico

On the right is Julie R. Filatoff's "Local Color: New Mexico", "an abstract representation of the myriad colours of the Land of Enchantment."

Rod Daniel, Pauline's Ford

The subject of Rod Daniel's "Pauline's Ford" was "found sitting along the side of the road on Route 66."

Katie Pasquini Masopust, Stones
Katie Pasquini Masopust, Stones (detail)

Pasquini Masopust wrote about her work: "I created three acrylic paintings to represent rocks and stones I see on walks in my arroyo. Then I cut up these paintings to create a composition, made a quilt to look like the painting, and inserted two of the paintings into the quilt."

Susan Szajer, Spirit Markings

Susan Szajer added this note to the program:
"When the pow-wow is over, the feathers hang silent, but the spirits remain forever present. Cotton painted with acrylics by the artist, feathers painted and stitched, machine-pieced and quilted".

Cheryl FitzGerald, Architectural Impressions: New Mexico

Lastly, Cheryl FitzGerald noted of her piece, "A fabric interpretation of a montage of five of my photographs...."

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