Friday, May 31, 2013

Eggplant challenge

Every three months the 12bythedozen blogging group sets a challenge for its twelve members. For this next series of twelve pieces, we have changed the format from 12" square to 8.5" x 11", and the topic will be a particular colour, chosen in turn by the twelve participants.

Pam Chasen chose the colour "eggplant" for this first challenge in the series. Eggplant is a very dark purple. When a colour is that dark, it is sometimes difficult to tease out its exact hue, whether it's red-violet or blue-violet. I decided to pair it with a complementary mustard yellow, and used a range of shades and tints for each hue.

My inspiration came from a photo I took last year in New York, from a window at the back of the National Academy Museum on 5th Avenue. I liked the grids of the windows, and the strong diagonals. Shown here are the photo, the drawing derived from the photo, and the final piece. Seeing the drawing may be my favourite part of the process.

Our unveiling is today and our members, from Montreal, the U.K., Texas and South Africa will be posting their projects on-line.  You can see the results of the challenge at

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