Monday, November 10, 2014

The Art vs. Craft Debate

Once again, textile artist Mirka Knaster has written a brilliant essay on an important topic in aesthetics, this time tackling the Art vs. Craft debate in her post of November 8.

Mirka has worked for decades as a professional writer, and she brings this talent to her blog, "Exploring the heART of it". Every week or two she shines a light on a particular aspect of art, and explores it, often making references to art history, to the aesthetics of various cultures world-wide, and to textile art.

This week, Mirka draws on the wisdom of Chuck Close, the evolution of Japanese basket-making, the Bauhaus movement, and the emergence of Big Name artists in the European Renaissance to shed light on the relationship between Art and Craft.

As always, an insightful exploration of a challenging subject.

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