Sunday, January 25, 2015


Kinston Barn, Cheryl Gerhart

While in New York, I dropped in to St. Peter's Church, a masterpiece of modern architecture on Lexington and 54th Street. On display there was Square, a show of some 80 small works in fibre, put together by The Textile Study Group of New York. I learned about the show when it was listed in Fiber Art Now magazine.

Rider on a Pale Horse,
Julia Kiechel

Here is a selection of some of the works that caught my eye. They happen to be in a more neutral palette.

Always Watching,
Christine LoFazo

I was impressed by the way the show was hung, precise and professional.

Zoom In,
Robin Schwalb

Each of the works was mounted on a 12 x 12 cradleboard, and this made for a consistent presentation, despite the variety of palettes, subjects and techniques.

The works were hung in alphabetical order, by artist surname.

The use of vinyl, self-adhesive lettering was clean and polished.

The small chapel of the church offered a contemplative space and a wonderful, sculptural assemblage.

The organ of the church was a thing of beauty in itself.

St. Peter's Church offers a busy program of social and cultural activities, as well as a drop-in centre and a lunch program.

Sometimes it is when you go off the beaten path on your travels that you make the most memorable discoveries.

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