Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jennifer Hornyak @ Galérie McClure

Stargazing, Jennifer Hornyak
British-born Montrealer Jennifer Hornyak shows her recent oil paintings at the Galérie McClure until May 23, 2015. The gallery is part of the Visual Arts Centre, a 65-year-old Montreal institution, and Canada's largest bilingual independent art school.
Girl with Flowered Frock, Jennifer Hornyak
The large paintings depict the human form alone or in groups, and they are complemented by a series of smaller portraits. I have always been impressed by Hornyak's inventive and subtle use of colour.

To quote from the press release,
"Over the last two decades, Jennifer Hornyak's focus has been, almost exclusively, an expressive exploration of the still life genre. We immediately recognize the signature mark making, rich colour harmonies, a raw and passionate painterliness that distills, in ever-recombinant forms, the lyrical and fleeting quality of her subject. 
Woman Walking, Jennifer Hornyak
"The figurative works in this exhibition represent not so much a new foray as a circling back, a retrieval of a theme she explored earlier, throughout the 80s. The recent paintings reveal the artist in her prime, wielding paint and vision towards unsettling truths about the human condition but, more precisely and more personally, towards the definition of a self -- realized through the act of painting and the material of paint itself. 
Girl with Black Cat and Silver Moon, Jennifer Hornyak
 "...The artist successfully creates a liminal space between figuration and abstraction where poetic meaning and optic pleasure resonate." 
Jennifer Hornyak: The Figure Revisited may be seen Tuesday to Friday noon - 6 pm; Saturday noon - 5 pm

at Galérie McClure, 350 Victoria Avenue, Westmount until May 23, 2015.

Hornyak is represented in Montreal by Galerie de Bellefeuille.

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