Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Artists & Makers magazine

Interweave Press offers a new magazine addressed to artists and crafters. The focus is not on technique, but on developing your business. Three issues have been published to date: Winter, Spring and Summer 2015. These may be ordered on-line as downloads, each priced at $9.99 US.

Each issue includes profiles of a number of artists and artisans in a wide range of mediums: paper-making, jewelry, ceramics, textile design, and mixed media, to name only a few.

Topics include clever designs for booths at art/craft fairs, optimizing your use of social media, licensing your art, using vanity press and vanity galleries, customer service, craft schools and much more.

And yes, there are a lot of ads, but they can be a useful introduction to new products, books, and conferences.

Though I found many of the articles to be simplistic, too basic to be of much value, I suggest that if Artists & Makers magazine interests you, you might download the most recent issue and decide for yourself.

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