Wednesday, August 5, 2015

La Mémoire de Hudson

Fifteen local artists, 15 tributes to Hudson's unique history: here is a sample for you to enjoy. The show continues at the Hudson Community Centre, 392 Main Road, Hudson QC until August 30, as part of the Town's 150th anniversary celebration.
Storms of War: Homage to Hudson's Veterans, Mona Turner
I find Mona's tribute to war veterans poetic and poignant. She was assigned a difficult topic and responded brilliantly. Here is her statement about the piece:
"When the storms of war blew across Europe, Hudsonites answered the call. Twenty-five soldiers lost their lives in WWI and another twenty-five in WWII. The Canada Geese represent those who were lost."

Steamer "The Empress", docked at Hudson Wharf early 1800
Gisèle Lapalme
Like many of the artists, Gisèle Lapalme found a way to make an interesting vertical composition from an essentially horizontal subject.

Reflections, Judith Harvey
Judith Harvey's assignment was the history of glass-making in Hudson. She has chosen some vintage glass as a subject for one of her eloquent still-lifes.

Pleasure Boating, Susan Snelgrove
Using acrylic paint in sepia and grey tones, and acrylic gel "skins", Susan Snelgrove explored the role of pleasure boating in Hudson, focusing on the Hudson Yacht Club and its activities on the Lake of Two Mountains.

All the artists are to be congratulated for rising to the occasion with their thoughtful and thought-provoking work.

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Dianne Robinson said...

Very impressive work. I love Mona's