Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A visit to Fondation Maeght

View of St. Paul de Vence, near Nice

Just a short walk from the medieval French town of St. Paul de Vence is a wonderful collection of modern art, housed in a Japanese-style building.

Tal Coat, mosaic, 1963-64

Sculpture is the focus of the permanent collection of the Fondation Maeght, and a visit makes for a memorable experience.

The sound and sight of water follows guests as they explore the multi-level grounds, encountering mosaic, stone walls, and terraces with views of the lower Alps.

Alexander Calder, Les Renforts, 1963-64

A large Calder is set near the sylvan entrance,

Alberto Giacometti,
Les Femmes de Venise, 1956

and Giacometti's figures stalk the sunny terrace.

Chagall, mosaic

A large mosaic designed by Chagall is a delightful surprise.

Inside are many large canvases and more sculpture.

Miró is well-represented in the sculpture garden and in mosaic. He designed the tile floor of a still pool, using shimmering fish shapes in the cool blue of the Mediterranean.

Alberto Giacometti,
Walking Man I, bronze, 1960

Marc Chagall, La Vie, oil on canvas, 1964

Gérard Garouste, La Mouche,
oil on canvas, 2003

This summer, French painter and sculptor Gérard Garouste is the subject of the annual temporary exhibit, filling many large rooms with his huge, fantastic and sometimes disturbing canvases and bronzes.

If you should be lucky enough to visit the beautiful area around Nice, the Fondation Maeght makes for a memorable art experience.

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