Sunday, February 21, 2016

1000 Barbies at Les Cours Mont-Royal

Les Cours Mont-Royal, a high-end shopping complex in the centre of Montreal's downtown, has set aside 5000 square feet for a permanent exhibit, "Barbie Expo". Admission is free, with donations suggested to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Zombie Bride

Put aside your reservations about Barbie and enjoy the creativity on display. Begin with the de rigeur bridal section, with many gowns by well-known designers. We have Grace Kelly, of course, but also Zombie Bride. (Sorry about the reflections in the photos: all that glitters... you know....)

We celebrate the various decades of style:
Nifty Fifties
Peace & Love 70's
Fabulous Forties

Bob Mackie has an entire showcase devoted to his over-the-top creations:

Lady Liberty
Le Papillon
Goddess of the Sun
Some designers were inspired by paintings:

Monet's Water Lilies
Klimt's Adele Bloch-Bauer I
Leonardo's Mona Lisa
Others by movies and TV:

Goddess of the Galaxy
The Munsters
Faraway Forest Elf

Inspiration comes from national costumes, birds, flowers, Coca-Cola and the Sydney Opera House, making for a remarkable display of technical skill and creative panache. Take care to scan the faces of the mannequins for some recognizable celebrities (Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Penelope Cruz....) Consider how the extravagant footwear and hairstyles enhance the fashion. Of interest to all ages, though the very youngest might find some of the mannequins frightening.

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