Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Square Roots

The Hudson Fine Craft group has initiated a month-long event here in our little town. Included is a display of artifacts in our local historical museum, all of them related to "women's work": spinning, sewing, weaving, quilting, etc.

As well, a call has gone out to artists in all mediums to produce a 16" x 16" piece for a show titled "Square Roots". Each piece is to reference the domestic arts. Knowing that the show is to be hung in the local library, I decided to submit this piece. I think my use of cloth and stitch qualifies it to be included in this show. Uniquely to this piece, I experimented with multiple, wobbly outlines, making them look "sketchier".

Still Life with Pillows
Here is the artist statement I submitted for the piece:
"As a child, I loved to curl up on the daybed of my grandmother’s cottage porch. I would spend hours there reading. I especially liked to watch the thunderstorms as they advanced across the lake, all the while safe in the embrace of the musty, over-sized pillows. Now, in my own home, I have a cozy reading corner that overlooks a different lake."
Located at 60 Elm, the War Memorial Library has odd hours which are best determined by visiting their website. The "Square Roots" show runs for the month of May.

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