Sunday, September 11, 2016

SAQA Benefit Auction

News Flash! My donation to the 2016 SAQA Auction was sold for $350! Thank you to Heather Pregger, who showed her support for SAQA by making such a generous bid. To see the very exciting art quilting of Heather Pregger, please visit her website.

The annual SAQA benefit auction begins on September 16, when any item is available for $1000. Then the art quilts are divided into three groups (mine is in the third) and each group is made available for one week. Opening bids on the Monday are set at $750, and every day the cost declines until, on Day 6, the bidding price is $100.

This format has allowed SAQA to raise some $60,000 in past years, to support their exhibition and outreach programs.

To view all 437 amazing works, please visit the auction site. I promise, you will get an eyeful of colour, design and technique, all achieved in cloth and stitch.