Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In situ: mounted and hung

Pleased to report that most of my recent collages and paintings have found a good home. Above, you can see some of the Touchstone series showcased on a living room wall. I find that presenting these on a black-edged birch cradleboard is very effective. The black edge seems to add something to the work. It's also less expensive than framing, looks contemporary, and is easy to transport.

Others in the series are happily displayed on a bedroom wall, where they benefit from some small spotlights.

And these "colour field" studies add a bright focus to this living room wall. All of the works in the selection above are made with three colours, each from the same palette of six: turquoise, yellow-green, yellow-orange, red, violet and warm grey. Also, each of the pieces is made with only three shapes, all rectilinear. The small spotlights help them be seen to their best advantage.

Another advantage of this kind of mounting is that I can mount a new piece directly on top of an older piece. This helps ease the storage situation a bit.

You can learn more about how to mount your work this way in a video from Jane Davies.


Dianne Robinson said...

Thanks for posting that Heather. Could you put painters tape on the top edge before you paint? Your pieces look terrific.

Heather Dubreuil said...

I don't actually find it that difficult to control the paint, Dianne. I guess the tape could work well, but you would want to wait until the painting had dried for a day or two, to be sure the tape doesn't lift off any of the painting's surface.