Sunday, June 18, 2017

Montreal Mural Festival

Spent some time on Montreal's iconic St.-Laurent Boulevard this weekend. The occasion? An eleven-day festival of mural-painting, involving twenty-three Canadian and international artists. Also on display are 63 murals created in the previous festivals of 2013 - 2016.

St.-Laurent Boulevard, also known as The Main, has a storied history, welcoming successive waves of immigrants. Some of the storefronts are pretty much what you'd expect, like this fluorescent-lit emporium of European sausage:

Others reveal a more contemporary aesthetic:

No matter the occasion, a Montreal festival has to have the following:

food trucks
industrial containers that open up into market stalls

and sidewalk "terrasses", often with lovely plantings,
that allow restaurants extra outdoor seating space and
give patrons a chance to see and be seen.
(Yes, these all have to be removed by a certain date to allow for snow clearing.)

And now for some of the actual murals. The views of these works-in-progress were often obscured by equipment that lifts the artists to the upper reaches of their canvases.

Buff Monster (USA)

ITNI (Chile)

 Ricardo Cavolo (Spain)

This unfinished tribute to Leonard Cohen by a Montreal artist
is located very close to Cohen's neighbourhood

Jonathan Bergeron (Canada)

This mural, from a previous festival, was not labelled.

Also from a previous year
is this tribute to Jackie Robinson.

Ninety-minute guided tours are available in French or English. Visitors are encouraged to download the mobile app for information about lectures, exhibitions, and concerts included in this fifth edition of the Mural Festival. Maps are posted and also available through the app or on-line.

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