Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thirteenth in New Series: An Irrefutable Truth

Yes! I've completed enough pieces in my new series to have a show of twelve, each measuring 24 x 24. All the works have been treated with Fabric Shield to protect them from sunlight and fading.

Will now catch my breath and make some time to catch up on the more mundane tasks of everyday life, and some reading, and of course researching the next project. And yes, will be sure to post a photo of the series in situ.

tentatively titled: An Irrefutable Truth

There is something "mid-century modern"  about these shapes, don't you think? The background is actually a Granny Smith green, a favourite colour of mine. The magenta is a perfect complement to it. The hand-dyed linen has a nicely mottled surface, for all three colours.

The upper right quadrant has a semi-circular shape defined by machine stitching in parallel lines, using variegated thread. Detail below.

detail, An Irrefutable Truth

Or.... What do you think of orienting it like this? And would it need a new title? Such As It Is? In All Probability?

An Irrefutable Truth, rotated?

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Jane said...

Lovely, really looking forward to seeing the collection together.