Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Quilts as Tools for Resistance: Hyperallergic

Sometimes the general viewing public is surprised that quilts can carry a political message, when in fact quilting has a long history of voicing political and social concerns.

This recent article on surveys the many quilts displayed at QuiltCon 2018 (Pasadena, California, late February) that convey messages of political activism.

Liz Havartine, "She Was Warned"


Margaret said...

Powerful! In the same vein, you might check this out (if you haven't already): Go to "The Artwork" to see ALL the quilts. There were too many to take on the road, so only 80 were selected for touring, but ALL of them are in the online exhibit -- including 3 by yours truly. (They are in the Anger/Fear category and speak to the disintegration of civility that's been going on in the US (and elsewhere) over the last several years.) :-)

Heather Dubreuil said...

Thank you, Margaret, for bringing this initiative to our attention, and thank you for your contribution to the project. Some powerful statements here!