Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fine Living: Window Seat

Our 12bythedozen blogging group has set a challenge this trimester titled "Fine Living", and the photo above shows my contribution. Please visit the group's blog to see the other fine contributions.

When I was little, one of my favourite spots was the musty old sunporch at my grandmother's cottage. I would snuggle up on the old sofa bed, surrounded by pillows, and spend hours lost in a book. When the thunderstorms roared across the lake, I watched in fascination from the safety of my cosy corner. In my current home, I have a window seat overlooking a different lake. Sitting there with a good book is my idea of "fine living".

I took the image from a photo, reduced it to a line drawing, and traced it onto heat-away stabilizer. Once the basic shapes had been fused into place on muslin, I pinned the stabilizer to the project and stitched the line using heavy black thread. This was a good opportunity to try a slight variation on a technique that I have used a lot in the last few months, and which I have been asked to teach.

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