Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A learning experience

When you hear someone talking about their "learning experience", you know they are just trying to find something positive to say about an event that was essentially a disappointment.

Such is the case for me and my recent participation in a local art fair. I learned that it's not the right venue for me, but I also made a couple of wonderful discoveries.

First, I met Louise Lachance Legault, an artist whose work I first encountered through her friend, Dianne St.-Georges. Both these dynamic women are accomplished artists and passionate art teachers. Louise has laboured for five years to write an art text book that meets the needs of the Quebec market. Finally published, this is an amazing book, titled "Colore Ta Vie: Apprendre à voir les choses autrement".  As well as using well-known works of art to illustrate her points, Louise has included more than 100 photos of her own original work. A meaty 205 pages, the book covers topics like the elements and principles of design, the emotional impact of colour, and learning to see the "art" in the world around us. You can find out more at www.jesuismaville.com

Approaching a City, Edward Hopper

My second important discovery came from a conversation with a charming gentleman who said my cityscapes reminded him of the work of Edward Hopper. Then he told me something I didn't know: that there is currently a major exhibit of Hopper's work in Madrid. The show will move to Paris in the fall. Wouldn't it be fun if I found myself in Paris this fall, as the result of a chance conversation with a stranger? That would be a learning experience I could live with.

Finally, I got to meet some other local artists and organizers, people of vision and achievement. And I learned that my friends and family will come through for me when I need help to reach my objectives. But then I already knew that.

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