Sunday, June 30, 2013

Water Tower #2

Water Tower #2  is inspired by a photo (shown below) taken from the upper level of a tour bus, somewhere in Greenwich Village.

It measures 24" x 18", and is a collage of hand-dyed cotton, superimposed with a stitching line of heavy black cotton thread.

The fabric used for the sky was created using a low-immersion dye process. With less water in proportion to the dye solution and the cloth, the result is more mottled and splotchy.

I read somewhere recently (and I wish I could remember where) that artists have three choices when depicting landscapes.

They can use a realistic colour palette.

They can use an exaggerated colour palette.

They can use an invented colour palette.

This third option allows me to use the shapes of the urban landscape as a vehicle for playing with colour.


michele said...

Very effective use of the light for your focal support. Really great use of colour!

Dianne Robinson said...

your colour choice has taken it from a bright sunny day to a more ominous one. I like it.