Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jo Diggs exhibit at the Vermont Quilt Festival

Light Touches, Jo Diggs, 2002
Jo Diggs was the featured artist at this year's Vermont Quilt Festival. A resident of Maine, Jo gave a gallery talk that was very informative.
Untitled, Jo Diggs, 2012
Jo is known for her handling of light in the landscape. She explained that she looks for a sky fabric that has a spot of light in it. She then repeats light areas in the land forms below.

Winter Night, Jo Diggs, 1995

Jo's work is not quilted. The shapes are hand appliquéd, and the piece is matted and framed. The landscapes have a very flat appearance.
Encouragement, Jo Diggs, 2009
Jo often teaches classes based on her Fish pieces. She has fun using striped and dotted fabrics, something she has clearly mastered.

Untitled 1, Jo Diggs, 2010
The underwater creatures are largely invented, which frees her to use all the colours of her imagination.

The photos here show only a few of the fifty-four works on display at the show. To see more of her work, including some of her larger pieces, please visit her website.

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