Sunday, July 28, 2013

Montmartre #4

Montmartre #4

Here is the latest in my Cityscapes series. Yes, I have used this image before, but this is a departure in several ways. First, its size. Measuring 36.5 x 27.5, it's more than twice the size of my usual format.

Montmartre #4, detail
Secondly, it was made as an entry for an art quilt show, so it is finished with a facing and, for now at least, it is not mounted onto a canvas. I used mostly hand-dyes and one large piece of commercially-printed fabric.

I had a couple of technical issues in the making of this piece, involving materials that are new to me. But I am pleased with the look of it: the colour, value and shapes. The warm and cool colours (ochre and blue-grey) form a contrast that pleases me. Maybe the jurors will agree.

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Hilary said...

Hi Heather,

This is just so striking. Yet again you have captured the essence in a minimal way achieving maximum effect. I'm curious what were the new products you were grappling with? and how did you over come them? I'm sure the jurors will find this irresistible.