Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Delighted to report...

...that my SAQA auction piece, Boathouses #2, was among the first six pieces to sell on Day 1 of the event! You can see the piece on my blog posting of August 25.

It was bought by Studio Nysha, which also purchased Mary Pal's piece. I met Nysha Nelson at the SAQA conference in Santa Fe this spring, where he had the winning bid on my Boathouse postcard in the 5" x 7" art quilt auction.

My day is made! And SAQA has added $750 to its operating fund.

To follow the SAQA auction, please visit their site. And just to tempt you, here are three of my favourites from this week's auction lot:

Local Color: The Southwest, 
Julie Filatoff

Round Hole, Square Peg,
Miriam Otte

Once we built windmills,
BJ Parady

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