Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Landmarks #3

This summer, some members of our text'art group met at Dianne's cottage for an art retreat. One of the techniques we played with was dripping diluted acrylic paint onto damp fabric, with sand sprinkled onto the cotton to act as a resist. The idea came from Mickey Lawler's article, "Sand Painting", in the June/July 2013 issue of Quilting Arts magazine.

Sometimes we threw salt onto the damp paint to add another effect.

Landmarks #2

It's wonderful fun to see the interaction of water, paint, sand and salt. When looking closely at the serendipitous result, the question arises, "Now what do I do with this?"

In the case of Landmarks #1 and #2, I introduced another texture by stamping. I then stitched some meandering lines in metallic thread to outline the organic shapes, and added beads to create a focal point.

For Landmarks #3, I skipped the stamping but used the same kind of stitching, then added metal grommets, creating tiny holes in the cotton.

Landmarks #1

These three pieces have been properly matted and wrapped, and will be offered for sale as unframed work at the Studio Tour, the Hudson Artists fall show, and the Arbor Gallery. I settled on the title "Landmarks" because they remind me of topographical maps.

I hope to take some of my other experiments and transform them into small, interesting pieces. I'm enjoying this brief diversion from making Cityscapes: a return to the layering of paint, collage and stitch that I have so enjoyed in previous series.

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