Sunday, June 1, 2014

Water Tower #6: Yellow Challenge

Water Tower #6

For our fifth colour challenge, the 12 by the dozen group has made small art quilts (8.5" x 11" or A4 size) using a mango yellow colour suggested by Michele.

At right is the inspiration photo, a bowlful of yellow beets.

And below is the image on which I based my piece, a photo I took somewhere in New York City. I used the lines and shapes of the photo, and chose a palette of hand-dyes and commercial cottons to bring it to life. The iconic water tower was made the focal point because of its position, its contrast of shape (cylindrical vs. rectangular) and colour (orchid pink vs. yellow), and by the contrast of dark and light used to delineate its surfaces.

I created this in mid-March, when we in Montreal were still in the grip of an interminable winter, and were desperate for a blast of sunshine.

To see the sunny results of the challenge, which were revealed yesterday, please go to the group's website.

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Maggi said...

Love the piece and it is always interesting to see the wide variety of ideas produced from a specific colour.