Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another fabulous text'art retreat

Thank you, Dianne, for hosting another retreat for our text'art group. This was our fifth annual get-together at Dianne's lovely cottage in the Eastern Townships.

In past years, we would agree on one or two common activities, like indigo dyeing or silkscreen printing or batik with soy wax or making our own stamps. This year, we pursued our own projects but came together several times a day for conversation, good food and a little wine. We shared ideas, recipes, and iPad tips, as well as our mutual interest in fibre and art.

I dyed about 12 meters of cotton, making low-immersion gradations from one colour to another, and some half-meter pieces for skies. At right you can see a gradation from cool yellow to fuchsia.

Helena, Colleen, Dianne, Lauma and I are shown after a swim, looking over the lake and enjoying a tea break.  Pamela and Michele were unable to join us this year, and they were sorely missed, but we are already looking forward to next time.

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Maggi said...

Lovely place for a retreat. Vibrant colours in your fabric but it made me chuckle as they look like pairs of tights hanging there!