Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rue du Saint-Sacrement, take 2

On April 16, I posted an image of a newly-finished work, which I made for a show this coming November. The show, titled "Urbanité x 2", will be a collaboration between painter John Vazalinskas and me, comprising exclusively urban subjects. The focal point of the exhibition will be the two works we each produce of the same scene.

Rue du Saint-Sacrement 2, 24" x 24"
I wasn't completed satisfied with my first effort, and so I have made a second piece. Though not as lively as the first, I think it is more coherent, more unified. It looks better beside John's painting, and they will complement each other nicely on the promotional material. I like the way that the rose and turquoise in the sky are echoed elsewhere, in the buildings. I find that the colours and values suggest an evening light.
Rue de Saint-Sacrement, 24" x 24"
In the first version, the red wedge shape above the house seems too dominant to me, and this was glaringly apparent when I saw a mock-up of the poster for the show.

Original photo, taken in Old Montreal
And no, this is not the start of a new series!

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Maggi said...

A lovely piece, and I do prefer this to the first. You were right about the red wedge, the more muted colours in the second are far more unified and convey a different atmosphere entirely.