Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas cards 2015

A sneak peek at this year's edition of my handmade fabric postcards, ninth in a series. Before I adopted the postcard format, I made folded cards with fabric shapes fused directly to the paper.

I was stuck for an idea, but rummaging through my collection of traditional printed fabrics sparked this design. I fussy-cut the flowers from a Moda print bought many years ago, and fused them to a cream-coloured print background. Though I had tossed many of my traditional-design stencils, the wreath survived, and it provided an arc of leaves, stitched with heavy black thread.

The red hot-fix crystals add a little needed sparkle.

I enjoy making do with what I have on hand, rather than having to run out and buy new supplies for this annual project. I make about two dozen of these little gems, and subject them to the tender mercies of the postal system, unwrapped. A seasonal act of faith.


kay said...

Beautiful! I'm sure your recipients will treasure them.

Dianne Robinson said...

Nice touch with the wreath.