Sunday, November 15, 2015

Les Mémoires d'Hudson @ Hudson Medi-Centre

Since the Hudson Medi-Centre opened more than four years ago, one of its waiting room walls has been used as a showcase for local art.

Today a new display is installed: four of the pieces created to celebrate Hudson's 150th anniversary will be shown there for the next two months.

In the spring of this year, Hudson artist Daniel Gautier organized 14 local artists, assigning each of them an aspect of Hudson's history to portray in a 40" x 30" vertical format. The resulting collection was named "Les Mémoires d'Hudson". Banners with images of the paintings have been hung throughout the town, and now the Medi-Centre is delighted to showcase four of the works for the benefit of those passing through.

Gisèle Lapalme - The Empress
"The Empress" was one of several steamships that were once the lifeblood of the local community. Here it is shown docked in Hudson, around 1800. It carried 800 passengers in luxurious accommodations, as well as mail, merchandise and livestock.

Susan Snelgrove - The Hudson Yacht Club
The town of Hudson has long been a country retreat for Montrealers, with many local homes originally built as summer residences. One of the attractions was the Hudson Yacht Club, shown here as it appeared around 1900, and still very active today.

Mona Turner - Tribute to Hudson's War Veterans
When the storms of war blew across Europe, Hudsonites answered the call. Twenty-five soldiers lost their lives in WWI and another twenty-five in WWII. The Canada Geese represent those who were lost.

Heather Dubreuil - Greenwood: Layers in Time
One of the oldest houses in Quebec, Greenwood now serves as a heritage museum and as the home of Hudson's literary festival, Storyfest. Greenwood’s history, built on layers of time, is a patchwork of stories, documents and artifacts.

These four works may be seen at the Hudson Medi-Centre, 465 Main Road, during regular clinic hours, until January 17, 2016.

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