Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Colour Studies made practical

A couple of months ago, I completed some small "colour field" paintings and blogged about them. In the last few days I have realized more colour studies, but this time in a miniature format, and in cloth.

I was looking for a gift for a fibre-friend, and it was suggested that I stitch together hand-dyed cotton into simple designs, making them into coasters.

I limited myself to six colours, and mixed them up into different combinations. Each 4-inch stitched "composition" was layered with a stiff, heavy-weight stabilizer and a final backing of hand-dyed cotton. The sandwich was bound with a dense satin stitch all around the edge.

The finishing touch was to make a gift box to store the eight coasters. I found the instructions to make an origami box and lid on-line. By starting with a 12" square of heavy paper, I was able to craft a box that was just the right size.

A small but satisfying project! I even made a second set:


Margaret said...

Terrific! It may be weird, but you could launch home decor patterns with these...

Dianne Robinson said...

They are gorgeous! She'll love them.