Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Felted Scarf Project

This summer's text'art retreat at Dianne's cottage was a great success. Lauma guided us through the many steps required to make felted scarves, and after several hours we were each rewarded with our own custom-made piece.

Here I am laying down wisps of wool roving onto a chiffon base, being careful to place a line of roving all along the edge. The extra-long length of chiffon was layered onto bubble wrap for this first step. A mild breeze added an unwelcome challenge.

Lauma checks the edges.

After using water and pressure to secure the wisps onto the first side of chiffon, the whole length was flipped over, ready for the layering of more roving on the second side. 

Wisps of roving added to second side

Applying pressure with a rolling motion to the bundled layers of
chiffon, roving and bubble wrap

Colleen demonstrates the use of an electric sander to
massage the wool fibres into the chiffon,
with the bubble wrap as a protective layer.

Each of us achieved a different result,
depending on colour choices, length and width of base,
and edge treatment.

It's always fun to work on a group project at our retreats. Thanks to Dianne for hosting us once again, and to Lauma for so patiently sharing her expertise. Good food, good conversation, and lots of laughter made for another memorable get-together.

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Dianne Robinson said...

Your scarf looks lovely!