Sunday, October 2, 2016

Update on Hudson Artists Fall Show

Touchstone series, collage and acrylic, on display at show

For the first time ever, three judges were engaged at the Hudson Artists Fall Show. The intention was that the judges would choose a single work that was a real stand-out.

The judges were

Christian Gonzalez, cultural activist and publisher of "Talents d'ici", 
Madeleine Turgeon, President of the Autour de Nous art group and Vice-President of the Conseil des Arts et de la Culture de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, and 
Martine Therrien, professional artist and visual arts teacher,

and they were on the job when I arrived early to the 7 pm vernissage on the Friday evening.

When the judges addressed the assembled artists and visitors an hour later, they first announced the single work that had won Best of Show. It was a large collage on panel, about 30 x 40, by Francine Barrette-Labelle. 

Ville de Glace, by Francine Barrette-Labelle, won best of show

Then the judges announced that they had spontaneously decided to award two Honourable Mentions for "outstanding bodies of work".  I was thrilled to have my new Touchstone series recognized in this way. 

Madeleine Turgeon's favourite

Martine Therrien's favourite

Even better was a chance to talk to the judges about their response to my new work. Madeleine Turgeon, whose work I greatly admire, said that even though the abstract collage is a departure from my fibre-based Cityscapes, that it was immediately recognizable as my work because of its "meticulous attention to detail", and its "concern with balance and composition". She and Martine Therrien were able to identify their favourite of the 15 in the Touchstone series, but Christian Gonzalez wasn't able to name a single favourite. He liked the whole group.

Joanna Olson's small still life paintings

Joanna Olson's small still lifes were also acknowledged with an Honourable Mention. Again, Joanna's paintings can be immediately identified as hers. There is a soft warmth, a brightness and a delicate touch to her work that I find very feminine.

The judges' favourite of Joanna's small oil paintings

It was a delight to have validation from many of the other artists, who came up to me before the awards were announced to express their excitement about my new series. Because I am known to this group (mostly painters) almost exclusively for my work with fibre, I often feel a bit marginalized. So, it was very special to have new work in another style and medium recognized.


Dianne Robinson said...

Congratulations! I hope we will be able to see these soon.

Jane Wright said...

Impressive grouping, I liked it very much and Mme. Turgeon chose my favourite as well.

Margaret said...

Congratulations, Heather!!

Linda B. said...

The recognition of fellow artists is worth it's well in gold, and well deserved.

Mona Turner said...

Well deserved Heather!

Mona said...

Congratulations, very well done!