Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hudson Fine Craft @ Rigaud Library

A dynamic new group came onto my local art/craft scene a couple of years ago. "Hudson Fine Craft" meets three times a month to share their skills and enthusiasm for a wide variety of craft, including quilting, embroidery, jewelry-making, collage and more.

Their current show can be viewed at the Rigaud Library, and runs until May 15. Their work fills not only the small gallery, but is displayed on the walls of the library itself.

Joanna Olsen, Untitled

Above is a small collage by Joanna Olsen, one of the group organizers. It seems that no matter what the medium, Joanna's work is always exceptional.

Carol Outram, My Secret Garden

Another of the group organizers, Carol Outram, has several arresting pieces in felted wool, embellished with embroidery and appliqué.

Carol Outram, Folk Art series (Skylark)

Carol Outram, Folk Art series (Night Owl)

Ute Sell makes distinctive small paintings in ink on salvaged papers.

Ute Sell, Untitled

Marlise Horst, Fan-tastic

Many of the traditional pieced quilts showed a real flair for colour choice, like this one above by Marlise Horst. Marlise chose recycled silk ties for one of her smaller pieces, and unusual European prints for another.

Phyllis Spriggs, Untitled

Each of the works on display is identified with a unique card, featuring randomly collaged fabric leaves stitched into place with heavy thread.

wall in small gallery

I was pleased that my entry was included in the show, seen above on the gallery wall and then again up close, below.

Heather Dubreuil, Come Sit with Me, Georges Braque

Hudson Fine Craft was responsible for other interesting shows last year, including one on "Women's Work" at the Hudson Historical Museum and the War Memorial Library. They are an inclusive group, with a fresh take on the use of local spaces and an ability to make things happen. 

The Rigaud Library is located at 102 rue St.-Pierre in Rigaud. Hours are posted on the town's website.

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