Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Architectours 2017

Organized by Heritage Montreal, the special theme for this year's Architectours is "Montreal Through 8 Eras". In tribute to Montreal's 375th birthday, our urban geography is being viewed through a historical lens.

When people roll their eyes about the city making too much of this odd-numbered anniversary, I remind myself that I may not be around to celebrate the 400th anniversary, so I'm happy to step up to the banquet of events laid out for me and to partake in all the festivities.

Once again, the two-hour walking tours are available in English and French, on Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm, from August 12 until October 8. Each tour is scheduled twice in the season, so if you do miss one, it will come around again.

Go to Heritage Montreal's website to view the brochure.

Here is a list of what's on offer:

1. The Cité des Sulpiciens (1642 - 1800) - back to colonial times and a chance to visit the Seminary gardens.

2. The Merchant City (1800 - 1860) - the eastern part of Old Montreal, with a focus on Montreal's role as a trading hub.

3. The Industrial City (1860 - 1890) - residential neighbourhoods built for factory workers in Griffintown and Faubourg des Récollets during the Industrial Revolution.

4. Canada's Metropolis (1890 - 1930) - real estate in the Golden Square Mile; stores, hotels and theatres spurred by the introduction of the tramway.

5. The First Suburbs (1900-1940) - focus on Outremont

6. The Cité-jardin du Tricentenaire (1930 - 1960) - an urban planning experiment built at the height of the Second World War, modelled on the Garden City movement.

7. The Modern City (1960 - 1980) - the boom years, epitomized by the building of Place Ville Marie and the Stock Exchange Tower.

8. Downtown Reimagined (1980 - 2017) - the development of the Quartier des Spectacles, centred on Place des Arts.

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