Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cité Mémoire

Grand Tableau Cité Mémoire from Montréal en Histoires on Vimeo.

A truly remarkable experience awaits the visitor to Old Montreal this summer. Beginning at dusk every evening, short films inspired by Montreal's history are projected onto large walls of buldings, pavement and even trees, in 23 different locations. The event will be available for four years, and was five years in the making. It was created by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, in collaboration with Michel Marc Bouchard.

Billed as "the largest outdoor projection walking tour in the world", it is supported by a free mobile app, Montréal en Histoires, that provides audio in four different languages. Guided tours are available for individuals and groups, and monitors are positioned at many of the locations to provide technical support to those who prefer to do a self-guided tour.

On a recent Friday evening, we were pleased to see how lively the neighbourhood was, with restaurants and bars filled to capacity at 11 pm and later. The number of visitors enhanced the sense of security we felt as we made our way along the cobbled streets and narrow alleyways.

Once I figured out how to activate the localization feature on the app, and to connect to the free wifi (MTLWIFI), we were off and running.

More information is available on-line.  I would recommend spending some time exploring the website so that, once on-site, you can feel comfortable with the technology and the geography of the project. Please note that some of the films end at 11 pm, and all the others at midnight.

This project is part of Montreal's 375th anniversary celebrations.

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