Sunday, December 17, 2017

Seventh in New Series: In the Absence of Evidence to the Contrary

Continuing with my new, minimalist series in hand-dyed linen, here is the latest one. Like the others, it measures 24 x 24, and is mounted on a black, painted gallery canvas.

tentatively titled: In the Absence of Evidence to the Contrary

The shapes in linen are pieced together with machine stitching. The only textural stitching on this one is on the small shape in the centre. The lines are created with white cording, couched into place.

I've included small, medium and large shapes, as well as curves and straight lines. The over-sized curves suggest something going on outside the frame. Detail shots below:

The hand-dyed linen is nicely mottled and has a rich interplay of colour.


jacki long said...

Wonderful, colors and shapes!

Miss Iowa said...

I love this one! It has so much movement and the color story is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.