Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Jannick Deslauriers @ Art Mûr, Montreal

Recently I visited Galerie Art Mûr with my Text'art group, where we saw the incredible work of Jannick Deslauriers, in a show titled Sentence, souffle et linceul. Deslauriers is a Montrealer who teaches at Collège Marie-Victorin. Her medium is screening, netting and organza, which she stitches together. I last saw her work in a group show at Pointe Claire's Stewart Hall.

Fractured, 2017

"Jannick Deslauriers’ works, her subjects broken and decaying through entropy or more violent and intentional acts of demolition, tackle salient issues of the Anthropocene: trans global commerce in weapons, energy and human beings, what the artist describes as 'a collective history played out daily in news media.'  
"Fractured, the “translucent and dislocated” form caught in a moment of demolition which is the eponymous work in Deslauriers’ Sentence, souffle et linceul, is a full scale automobile: its form distilled from meticulously researched images of both intact and damaged vehicles; its bespoke distressed surfaces conveying a visceral engagement with the reality of “certain geopolitical issues,” the artist seeks to address, the premeditated destruction which is “a symbol of our times.” The work, and the shroud in its title—‘linceul’—reference the human body, the inevitable bodies that are connected to such images in real life." 
                                                                                            -Martha Robinson

Un Fragment du Marché Bonsecours, 2017

Some of Deslauriers' subjects are architectural. In this case, a photo of a sculpture's detail was reproduced as a digital print.

Détail du Marché Bonsecours
digital print

A detail photo of
Détail du Marché Bonsecours, above
Ligne brisée, 2017

Convoy, 2017

Convoy, detail, 2017

Van Horne Warehouse, 2017

Below is another instance of a digital print included in the show, using a detail photo of a sculptural piece.

Detail, Van Horne Warehouse
digital print

While at the gallery, we saw work by many other artists. This screen, made of stitched paper, also caught my eye. I had seen it at a Belgo Building gallery a few years ago.

La fenêtre à carreaux, 2014
Sarah Bertrand-Hamel
kozo paper, cotton thread, pine frame
La fenêtre à carreaux, 2014
Sarah Bertrand-Hamel, alternate view
La fenêtre à carreaux, 2014
Sarah Bertrand-Hamel,detail

Jannick Deslaurier's show, Sentence, souffle et linceul, continues until April 28, 2018.

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