Sunday, July 1, 2012

Edgewater Gallery, Middlebury VT

What a delightful visit to Middlebury, Vermont this weekend, less than an hour south of Burlington on bucolic Route 7. The reason for this trip was that Karen Goetzinger, one of many impressive artists represented by Edgewater Gallery, was the Featured Artist of the Month. I have followed Karen's career since I first met her through the Ottawa group, Out of the Box, perhaps six years ago. Karen's vibrant pieces showed beautifully against the painted white barnwood walls, enhanced by hand-crafted furniture and brightly-coloured ceramics.

Karen takes her inspiration from the urban landscape, though the imagery is abstracted and the palette is bright. Paint and stitch are used to add texture and detail to cloth shapes.

The presentation of Karen's pieces is always very thoughtful and effective.
I was astonished to be met at the entrance to the Gallery by the work of Susanne Strater, a Beaconsfield artist whose career I have followed since we met a couple of years ago. We are lucky enough to own one of Susanne's beautiful works in pastel.

For the third year, the Gallery has showcased the work of Middlebury College alumni, and this year Susanne is one of nine artists selected. I counted eight oils or pastels by Susanne on display, which have been well-received by the Gallery's clientele.

Both these shows will end in the next few days, as the Gallery likes to keep its displays fresh and current.  Located on Mill Street next to a picturesque waterfall, the building housed the original Frog Hollow Gallery, which became a state-wide collective for Vermont artists and craftspeople. The building has since been turned over to private ownership, but continues to offer the work of artists familiar to those who have visited the Frog Hollow shop in Burlington. Both the Gallery and the charming town of Middlebury are well worth a visit. 

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Dianne Robinson said...

What a nice gallery. And sounds like you had a good time. Hopefully we'll be able to see Karen's work closer to home another time