Sunday, August 25, 2013

Boathouses #7

My agreement with the Arbor Gallery is that I will show six of my Boathouse pieces in their pre-Christmas exhibition and sale. Boathouse #2 was donated to the upcoming SAQA auction, leaving me short one boathouse.

Boathouses #7

I revisited my photos and chose one that I have used before, for a 6" x 8", and reformatted it to a 12" square. The photo was actually taken by my friend Lauma, but I had to alter it by eliminating the foliage and imagining the position of the walkways.

Lauma's original photo 
Again, I have used a low-immersion hand-dye for the mottled sky and an arashi-dyed cotton for the water. This new Boathouse fits in well with the others in both theme and palette. 

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