Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Soulanges Canal Bicycle Path

my banner

Last Sunday was the perfect summer day. The sunshine and light breeze made it a good day to visit the Soulanges Canal bike path, where my banner Villaggio Toscano has been hung, along with Michele Meredith's banner and 52 others.

Michele's banner

We started from Coteau-du-Lac, around the 18 km marker, and biked eastward. The path was sometimes winding but more often straight, sometimes shaded but more often exposed to the sun. Along the way I saw wild grapes, apple trees laden with ripe red fruit, and many kinds of berries. Often the path bordered private gardens and at other times fields of corn stretched into the distance.

Most of those on the 27-km path were cyclists, but there were also roller-bladers, joggers and walkers. One athlete was on a skateboard, pushing himself along with a long pole. He was either a paddler or in training for a position as a Venetian gondolier.  Others were fishing along the shoreline.

Picnic tables and rest stops were positioned along the path.

I was pleased to see my banner (at the 4 km mark) and Michele's (at the 13 km mark). The artists were in (more or less) alphabetical order. Next time I will bike west to view the other section. I can only imagine how it will look with the autumn foliage in full colour.

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