Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rue du Saint Sacrement

Rue du Saint Sacrement
My friend John Vazalinskas has invited me to stage a two-person show with him this fall.

John is a talented and versatile painter, who works en plein air and in the studio. His subjects include both rural and urban landscape.

John's idea was that as the focal point of our publicity, we should each produce a 24" x 24" work inspired by the same scene, and that we should choose a distinctively Montreal subject. John is full of good ideas.

We spent a few hours in Old Montreal and the area around the port, to see if we could find a subject that appealed to us both.  John graciously conceded to my first choice, a subject I had captured once before as a simple line drawing.

original photo

I have to say I had some trouble choosing my colours and values for this piece. I found a wonderful hand-dyed sky in my stash, and somehow its naturalistic palette inhibited me when choosing the bolder colours I wanted for the buildings themselves. Many hand-dyed bits were swapped in and out as I auditioned them for their roles.

I may revisit this composition, but will have to let some time pass before I can see it with fresh eyes.  For now, Rue du Saint Sacrement will be tucked away, waiting for its debut.


Maggi said...

What a good opportunity, I can see your work complementing each other's. I find the Rue du Saint Sacrement quite an edgy piece and it may be because the realism of the sky contrasts with the building colour choices. I like it a lot.

Dianne Robinson said...

I wouldn't change a thing. I love it as it is.