Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brooklyn #6

Brooklyn #6, 24" x 24"

Yes, it looks a lot like Brooklyn #5, but it's four times the size.

Here's my thinking: I produced Brooklyn #5 for the SAQA auction.  I hope it will be bought and loved, and most likely I will never see it again. But I like the image a lot and I need some pieces for my upcoming shows so...

...I made it up in a similar but more saturated palette, to measure 24" x 24". Somehow these colours just suit the subject.

Here's a photo of Brooklyn #5, to compare. This is, in fact, the seventh time I have worked from this image or a detail from it.

Brooklyn #5, 12" x 12"

Hey, remember Monet and his haystacks.


Maggi said...

The more saturated colours add depth to the piece. I like this one even more than #5

Heather Dubreuil said...

You know, it's growing on me. I didn't refer to the first piece when making the second, just tried to make choices that worked well together. I do prefer the placement of the figures in the first, when there's a little space between them and the lower edge.