Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A first for me!

I have just finished a piece made to order for a SAQA Call for Entry. Though I've been a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates for a number of years, this is my first-ever entry to an all-member show. The show is to be called "Tranquility", and it will travel for more than three years, being shown first at the Houston International Quilt Festival in November 2016.

Come Sit with Me, Patrick Caulfield 2, 30 x 30
Of course just because I've made an entry doesn't mean that it will be accepted.

Until now I've mounted my cityscapes onto painted, stretched canvas. This is not permitted for this exhibition, so I have had to attach a facing and hanging sleeve, a typical presentation for a quilt show. As well, I had to densely quilt the piece so that it lies flat, something that I usually achieve with the canvas mounting.

The minimum height requirement is 30", which I have met. The piece measures 30" x 30", and that is more than twice the size of my standard 18" x 24". I used commercial prints as well as hand-dyes, and chose colours and stitching patterns that evoke a quiet calm.

And what about that title? Patrick Caulfield ( 1936 - 2005) was a British artist whose interiors were defined by a strong black line and flat colour. I feel an affinity for his work, and decided to reference him in the title.

Dining Recess, Patrick Caulfield1972
An exhibition titled "Turmoil" is planned to run concurrently with "Tranquility", and it is suggested that entrants submit work to both shows. I have an idea for this second show, and I'm going to try to see it through and have it ready to submit by the end of February. Meanwhile, Come Sit with Me, Patrick Caulfield will be a welcome addition to my upcoming solo show in Ottawa.


mona said...

Congratulations Heather. Good news!

Dianne Robinson said...

It works so well! Especially with the suggestion of the book and the coffee cup. What a cozy nook.