Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cineplex: In the Gallery series

We are fortunate to have access to this series of films about art, hosted by the Cineplex chain of movie theatres. I was able to make it to the first film, and look forward to seeing some of the others too. Philadelphia's Barnes Collection is the focus of the Renoir movie, and as I already have my tickets for a visit there in March, I should make a point of seeing that one at least.

Here's the schedule:

Florence and the Uffizi Gallery, January 21 (3-D) and February 21 (2-D)
Goya: Visions of Flesh and Blood, February 11 and 28
Renoir: Reviled and Revered, March 10 and 20
Teatro alla Scala: Temple of Wonders, March 31 (3-D) and April 3 (2-D)
Leonardo Da Vinci: The Genius in Milan, April 14 (3-D) and May 1 (2-D)
Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse, May 19 and 29
The Papal Basilicas of Rome, June 9 (3-D and 2-D)

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