Sunday, June 12, 2016

Women's Work

Our little town of Hudson (pop. 5000) has not only an active group of quilters, but a newer group, Hudson Fine Craft. This lively bunch meets regularly to explore new techniques and to organize exhibition opportunities.

Congratulations to Carol Outram, Joanna Olson and Kathryn Lamb, who have worked hard to pull together a collaborative project involving Hudson Fine Craft, the Hudson Historical Society, and the Hudson War Memorial Library.

antique patterns for dolls' clothes, McCall's

Women's Work is on display at the Hudson Historical Society Museum, with many artifacts relating to needlecraft. Antique scissors, thimbles, needles and pincushions have been collected from Hudson's attics and are now showcased along with examples of weaving, quilting, and lacemaking.

Grandmother's Fan quilt, on loan from Inge Lawson
Grandmother's Fan quilt (detail)
I was intrigued by the tiny paper patterns for doll clothes, and by the "Make Do and Mend" wartime government pamphlet. A fine example of an antique Grandmother's Fan is on display, having been rescued for a few dollars from a charity shop. Admittedly, the quilt is a little threadbare, but its decorative embroidery stitches more than make up for that.

Untitled, Phyllis Spriggs

A companion exhibition is currently running at the War Memorial Library. Thirteen works of contemporary textile art, employing a wide variety of techniques and materials, have been hung on the library walls for the pleasure of visitors. Each piece measures 16" square.

Starlight in Silk, Marlise Horst

The artist participants are:
  • Carol Outram
  • Joanna Olson
  • Michele Meredith
  • Sharon Gallagher
  • Monique Verdier
  • Madeleine Leger
  • Phyllis Spriggs
  • Marlise Horst
  • Ann Letellier
  • and myself.
Artisanes to the Core, Monique Verdier

The Hudson Historical Society Museum is located at 541 Main Road, and is open Wednesday - Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm.

The library is found at 60 Elm Street, and hours are published on its website.

The shows will continue into the summer. More images from the library show are below:

March Hare, Joanna Olson

Untitled, Sharon Gallagher
Still Life with Pillows, Heather Dubreuil

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